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Patrick Brazeau returns to Twitter


Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau weighs in for his boxing match against Liberal MP Justin Trudeau in March. The outspoken senator quit Twitter last month after courting controversy with his frank comments. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Patrick Brazeau, the honourable senator from Repentigny, Que., is back on Twitter after a couple of weeks cooling-off period.

Brazeau returned to the social network Monday night, saying "Glad to be back. Now time to focus on my study on off-reserve FN [First Nations] people."

"I'll be nice from now on...I promise," he wrote in a subsequent tweet.

The last time he tweeted was June 27, when he took on a journalist who reported on allegations over bad behaviour in his last job before his appointment to the Upper Chamber (a story that first surfaced back in 2009 - Brazeau said on Twitter the Federal Court awarded him costs in the case).

Earlier that day, he tweeted that he'd called to apologize to Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn after taking to Twitter the day before to call her an ugly name.

Brazeau, a Conservative, was in the news earlier this year when he and Liberal MP Justin Trudeau boxed each other to raise money for charity in Fight for the Cure. Trudeau won the bout.

Brazeau also has a blog, although it doesn't look well-used. The last post is from November 2010, and the newest speech posted is from December 2010.

The blog promises to have been interesting, with an intro explaining:

"This blog is about discussing and debatting [sic] hard TRUTHS and FACTS on various issues in an attempt to consider solid SOLUTIONS to build a better CANADA. (Note: The views expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Senate of Canada or the Conservative Party of Canada.)"

Maybe we can convince the senator to start up his blog again, now that he's returned to Twitter.

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