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Orders of the Day - Premiers head behind closed doors in Halifax

The premiers' meeting gets underway in earnest in Halifax this morning, with health care expected to top the official agenda. Outside the conference room, however, the still brewing battle between British Columbia and Alberta over the Northern Gateway will likely dominate the discussion.

Despite the potential for interprovincial fisticuffs, the media spotlight may briefly shift to nearby New Glasgow, where Defence Minister Peter MacKay is scheduled to make a mid-morning appearance in support of his government's efforts to help the homeless, but will almost certainly be questioned about recent comments made by his wife, international human rights activist Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay, in support of the return to Canada by Omar Khadr.

Also out and about in Nova Scotia today: Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, who will unveil investments in new research on "improving outcomes" for children -- and families -- dealing with fetal alcohol and autism spectrum disorders, and Veterans Affairs Minister Steve Blaney, who will deliver an "important announcement" at the Halifax region Military Family Resource Centre.

Elsewhere on the ministerial circuit:

  • Minister of State for Tourism and Small Business Maxime Bernier will serve as bearer of glad tidings for country music enthusiasts in Matane, while Transport Minister Denis Lebel shares his thoughts with spectators at the Lac St. Jean 10 K Marathon Swimming World Cup.
  • Back in Ontario, Treasury Board President Tony Clement pops by the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts with a fresh load of federal festival funding for the Parry Sound region, and Minister of State for Transport Steven Fletcher consults with Kenora residents on the future of long-term infrastructure planning.
  • Finally, on the western front, Calgary MP Devinder Shorey heads to the Food 'n' More Warehouse with good news for "children and families of Alberta while his Edmonton caucus colleague Laurie Hawn visits the North Point Housing Complex. 
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