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David Wilks now says C-38 a 'great bill'

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Remember David Wilks? The backbench Conservative MP from British Columbia briefly experienced his 15 minutes of political fame when he was caught on a YouTube video telling his constituents he had concerns about the budget implementation bill.

Wilks was filmed during a meeting with constituents in Revelstoke suggesting that as an individual MP he couldn't stop the bill, which would require at least 12 other MPs to break ranks from the government's line and vote with the opposition.

When the media seized upon the video evidence of dissent in the Tory caucus, Wilks quickly backtracked, issuing a statement saying he supported C-38.

His statement was used by opponents of the budget bill's measures as fuel for a nationwide protest centred on MPs' offices, searching for "13 heroes" in the Tory caucus who would stand up and help block the bill.

When the time came for Wilks to vote on the budget bill's amendments and the final third reading stage, he dutifully rose alongside the rest of the Conservative caucus and supported C-38.

Any regrets? Apparently not.

When the CBC's Julie Van Dusen tracked him down on Parliament Hill Tuesday, he said that since that video he had a chance to "better read" the legislation and understand it better.

"It's a great bill, and I was glad to support the government," Wilks told Van Dusen.

He says he decided to change his mind "all on [his own]," not because someone from the prime minister's office phoned him and told him to change course.
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