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Liveblog: Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks to the National Fish and Wildlife Conservation Congress

The PM makes a rare prime time appearance in the capital as the guest of honour at the inaugural National Fish and Wildlife Conservation Congress

The conference, which is billed as the first such event to be held in Canada, is being organized by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, a registered charity that issued tax receipts for $2,772,436 in 2010.

Also listed as sponsors of the conference: the Dallas Safari Club, the Montana-based Boone and Crockett Club, the Wild Sheep Foundation of Wyoming and Conservation Force, based out of Louisiana. 

Earlier this month, Environment Minister Peter Kent accused Canadian environmental groups of "laundering foreign funds for inappropriate use against Canadian interest." 

In an interview with CBC's The House, Kent said: "There are allegations -- and we have very strong suspicions -- that some funds have come into the country improperly to obstruct, not to assist, in the environmental assessment process."

Under the same bill that will streamline fisheries regulations, the government is also moving to tighten the rules that govern political activities by charitable organizations. The OFAH has also lobbied the government on a variety of issues, including, most recently, fish habitat regulation, which will also undergo sweeping revision as part of the omnibus budget bill.   

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