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Orders of the Day - The Day After

As the capital begins to pick its way through the fallout from the flurry of preliminary pink slips -- technically, "notifications" that a position may be eliminated - that hit the public service yesterday, the president of the union that represents over 11,000 "public safety workers" at the Canada Border Services Agency -- where as many as 1,137 jobs could be affected -- heads to the Hill to "ensure Canadians know the truth about the public consequences of the Harper Government's cuts to national security and public safety."

Later this evening, "noted American journalist and constitutional lawyer" Glenn Greenwald will share his thoughts on the current state of relations between Canada and its over-the-border neighbour to the south, which will focus on "secrecy, war and civil liberties," and may or may not veer into the issue of increased cooperation -- and, more contentiously, the sharing of personal information -- between the two countries.

Meanwhile, back on the Hill, newly installed prime ministerial communications director Andrew "Lucky 7" MacDougall convenes a briefing to detail his boss's "upcoming foreign travel," although the advisory is tantalizingly unclear as to where, exactly, he's going, which admittedly does provide additional incentive to show up.

Elsewhere in the precinct, Oxfam Canada representatives will discuss "the impact of conflict in Mali on food security and humanitarian aid."

Outside the parliamentary border, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty will talk up his latest budget at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, where the challenge for local reporters will be to try to get him to say something -- anything, really -- about the pitched election battle currently underway in the province, where plucky upstart Wild Rose Alliance seems on the verge of ending the Progressive Conservative Party's four decade-long winning streak.

Also on the Budget Appreciation Tour: Treasury Board President Tony Clement, who will tout this year's iteration of Canada' Economic Action! Plan at the Ramada Hotel and Golf Dome in Saskatoon, and Shelly Glover, who will do the same when she delivers closing remarks at the 2012 Skills Manitoba Competition in Winnipeg.

Other events on the good news circuit today:

  • Transport Minister of State Steve Fletcher will be on hand as Canada Post president Deepak "No, Not The Self Help Dude" Chopra unveils the corporation's new e-commerce strategy "and the future of home delivery" at a Vancouver construction site that will soon host a brand new postal centre.  
  • In Saskatoon, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz joins representatives from Farm Credit Canada for the launch of "an exciting new financing option to help young Canadian farmers get up and running"
  • Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore heads to Montreal's Societe des arts technologiques for an "important announcement"
  • National Revenue Minister Gail Shea unveils new funding for Holland College
For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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