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Committee Liveblog: Auditor General Michael Ferguson talks F-35 procurement at Public Accounts ... again.

UPDATE - Missed the meeting and no time to read the liveblog? CBC's Laura Payton has you covered: 

Significant items were missing from the Canadian government's cost estimates for F-35 fighter jets Auditor General Michael Ferguson told MPs on the public accounts committee today. 

He also said the Department of National Defence has a long-term estimate for what it will cost to run the planes for their 36-year lifespan, but didn't use it when deciding whether to buy the planes. 

Ferguson faced questions in Ottawa from MPs on both sides of the table over his hard-hitting report into the process to replace Canada's aging CF-18 jets with F-35 fighter jets.  

Read the full story here -- and then come back to relive the highlights via the liveblog! 

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