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UPDATED - Vikileaks30 Watch: Re-pack your bags, Adam Carroll, you've been re-invited to committee!

As noted in the minutes from the (in camera) portion of yesterday's ethics meeting: 

It was agreed [...] That for the meeting on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, the Clerk request that Adam Carroll appear in relation to the Committee's study of the anonymous use of House of Commons resources against a Member of Parliament for the full two hours. And that, if and when necessary and appropriate, and at the request of the witness, the Chair suspend the meeting to allow for small breaks.

 As yet, it's not known whether the former Liberal research staffer will comply with the request, but I've sent a note to his lawyer and I'll keep you posted!

Nearly-insta-update: Just heard back from Carroll's lawyer, who confirmed that, as the committee has agreed to certain accommodation requests, his client is indeed planning to appear as scheduled.     

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