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Byelection 2012 (I): Let the battle for Toronto Danforth begin!

Ready, set, frame that narrative, Conservative Party InfoAlerteBot! 

Hot off the presses, a Sun Tzu-calibre effort from the gang on the weekend shift, in which the riding most recently held by the New Democratic Party's much-mourned former leader, Jack Layton, is abruptly redefined as a "traditional Liberal riding" that is, we are, it seems, meant to believe, the Third Party's race to lose:
From: Alerte-Info-Alert
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2012 11:53 AM
To: Alerte-Info-Alert Subject: By-Election Call

By-Election Call 

Today Prime Minister Stephen Harper called a by-election in the riding of Toronto-Danforth.

      • The vote will be March 12th.
      • Governments do not win by-elections, and as this is a traditional Liberal seat this is theirs to lose.
      • Our Conservative candidate in the by-election is Andrew Keyes.
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