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UPDATED - PMO InfoAlerteBot After Dark: "Foreign radicals threaten further delays"

UPDATE: For your contextual perusing pleasure, here's the news release that seems to have triggered the after-hours response from PMO, in which "foreign radicals" EcoJustice, ForestEthics, Raincoast Conservation Society and the Living Oceans Society call on the review panel to "affirm its impartiality in the face of government interference." 

The groups have also filed a motion (PDF) that, if accepted, would oblige the panel to determine if "recent statements by the Prime Minister or by the Minister of Natural Resources ... constitute an attempt by those ministers to undermine or to have had the effect of undermining the Panel hearing process or the credibility of any intervenor or any Person appearing before the Panel ... and identify the steps that it will take to correct such unfairness".  Read the supporting documents here


When it comes to keeping Canadians -- or, at least, those on its mailing list -- apprised of the very latest nefarious pipeline approval-delaying schemes allegedly being cooked up by "foreign radicals" within our midst, the PMO InfoAlerteBot is ever vigilant. 

(For the record, as far as I can tell, all three four groups listed in this evening's dispatch are, in fact, Canadian.) 

From: Alerte-Info-Alert
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2012 08:45 PM
To: Alerte-Info-Alert
Subject: Foreign radicals threaten further delays / Des groupes radicaux étrangers brandissent la menace de retards additionnels
Foreign radicals threaten further delays
Today, Ecojustice attacked the independence of the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel.  ForestEthics, Living Oceans Society and Raincoast Conservation Foundation joined them in their attack on the Joint Review Panel.  Here are the facts:
The Northern Gateway is currently going through a careful and comprehensive review process to ensure the proposal is safe and environmentally sound.  

Radical groups are trying to clog and hijack the process, rather than letting the panel do its job independently, expeditiously, and efficiently.

Our government has asked that the review process be conducted efficiently and without excessive delays.  We believe reviews for major projects can be accomplished in a quicker and more streamlined fashion. 

We do not want projects that are safe, generate thousands of new jobs and open up new export markets to die in the approval phase due to unnecessary delays.  

Our Government's top priority remains the economy and creating jobs.

Canada is on the edge of a historic choice - to diversify our energy markets away from our traditional trading partner in the United States or to continue with the status quo. 

We know that increasing trade will help ensure the financial security of Canadians and their families.  

We want to take advantage of the booming Asia-Pacific economies that have shown great interest in our oil, gas, metals and minerals. 
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