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UPDATED - Fate of NDP motion to investigate creeping in camera-itis at committee unknown

According to the press release that just popped up in my inbox, the NDP does indeed intend to call this motion during today's meeting, which is, as noted below, scheduled to take place in camera. YES YES WE ALL APPRECIATE THE IRONY OF IT ALL, but will no one think of the logistics? Specifically, the logistics for one now possibly double-booked liveblogger? I had a previously scheduled engagement at Ethics? Man, this is becoming my own personal Appointment in Samarra. 

In any case, I'm trying to find out if there's any chance that the doors could open, albeit likely just long enough for the government to move to have them slammed shut. I'll keep you posted. 

UPDATE: Well, as it turned out, no such motion-to-slam-the-doors-and-kick-out-all-the-people was required --- the committee simply never went ex camera. Unfortunately, that means that we may never know whether the Charlton motion was considered and rejected, as only a positive decision -- which, in this case, would be to agree to the proposed study -- would be recorded in the minutes. I know, I feel sort of cheated out of closure too, really. (No pun intended.) (Oh, it's been that kind of day.) 


Duly submitted with appropriate notice before the House broke for the holidays, the following motion could, in theory, be called for debate as soon as today, although since the committee is, somewhat fittingly, scheduled to sit in camera to work on a draft report, we wouldn't find that out unless it passed, which seems unlikely, given the circumstances. 

Still, just to get it on the record, here it is: 

Notice of Motion 
Chris Charlton, MP 
Thursday, December 15, 2011 

 That the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs, as part of its mandate under Standing Order 108 (3) (iii) "the review of and report on the Standing Orders, procedure and practice in the House and its committees", commence an immediate study on the inappropriate use of secret "In Camera" sessions to discuss substantive motions in contravention of Standing Order 116 ("In a standing, special or legislative committee, the Standing Orders shall apply so far as may be applicable, except the Standing Orders as to the election of a Speaker, seconding of motions, limiting the number of times of speaking and the length of speeches"), across our committee system.
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