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Orders of the Day - With ten sitting days left before the Christmas break, let the lightning round begin!

With just two weeks left before the House is set to rise for the holidays, the NDP will devote its final supply day to a COP-inspired motion that calls on Canada to "play a leadership role" at the climate change negotiations already in progress in South Africa, as well as "take immediate action to lower net carbon emissions in Canada."

The full text, which will stand in the name of the party's environment critic, Megan Leslie:

That this House urge the government to: (a) play a leadership role in tackling global climate change and ensuring Canadian jobs aren't lost as the rest of the world moves towards a new sustainable energy economy; (b) work in a leadership role at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Durban towards a binding climate change treaty with the goal of limiting average global temperature increases to 2°C; (c) recognize the real, science-based threat of global climate change, as well as respect and adhere to its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Accord; and (d) take immediate action to lower net carbon emissions in Canada and increase Canadian trade with our major partners in a new sustainable energy economy.
In a serendipitous twist of timing, Environment Minister Peter Kent -- who has arrived in Durban -- is scheduled to make an announcement just two hours before the above motion goes before the Commons, during which he may -- or may not -- preemptively address the issues to be raised during today's debate.

Also on the House schedule: Later today, MPs will have one last opportunity to put their collective and respective views on the government's omnibus crime bill on the record as it goes to a final vote before being sent off to the Senate. After the yeas and nays have been tallied, the Chamber will switch to Committee of the Whole for an evening discussion on the importance of organ donation.

Hitting the precinct media circuit today: Once again, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has commanded -- or strongly encouraged, at least -- the attendance of the press for an announcement of an unspecified nature -- "regarding criminal justice legislation", to be precise, which, given tonight's vote on C-10, may simply be his attempt to preemptively claim victory over its imminent passage -- or, as was the case last week, draw our attention to a previously passed law (or laws) now set to come into force.

Also on the Hill: Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae joins with Senators Romeo Dallaire and Joseph Day, as well as the party's defence, foreign affairs, international development and trade critics Dominic LeBlanc, John McKay, Mark Eyking and Wayne Easter to consult "young scholars" - according to the advisory, a "group of outstanding masters and doctoral students from Carleton University's Norman Patterson School of International Affairs" -- on "Foreign Policy for the Next Generation", which is, we're informed, the first in a series of similar events. 

Out and about within the borders of the National Capital Region: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews heads to the Chateau Laurier to speak at the Fifth Canadian Public Safety Interoperability Workshop while Human Resources Minister Diane Finley drops by Engineers Canada to announce foreign credential recognition funding.

On the out of town good news circuit: Industry Minister Christian Paradis, who will address participants at Montreal's third biennial Aerospace Innovation Forum, and Revenue Minister Gail Shea, who will attend the official opening of a housing project in O'Leary. Back in Toronto, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver will discuss "the way forward" for Canada's solar industry, as well as the role of the government therein, at Solar Canada 2011.

Last but not least, on the committee front:
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