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CPC TalkingPointWatch: Watch what you say about former governments, InfoAlerteBot!

Shortly after Justice Minister Rob Nicholson's midday press conference  -- at which the minister revealed the imminent coming-into-force of two parole-related bills, and was subsequently descended upon by reporters with pressing C-10-related questions, the PMO InfoAlerteBot sent out the following dispatch, which designated Nicholson's announcement as the government's official Message of the Day:  

From: Alerte-Info-Alert
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 09:51:32 -0800
To: Alerte-Info-Alert
Subject: Message of the Day - Keeping Our Streets and Communities Safe
Keeping Our Streets and Communities Safe
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Today, the Harper Government highlighted important legislation coming into force on December 2nd that will make our streets and communities safer.
  • Our Government is committed to making our streets and communities safer by getting tough on crime.

  •  For over 40 years, our criminal justice system was going in the wrong direction focussing more on the rights of criminals instead of the rights of victims.

  • We committed to change things and we have delivered.

  • Today, we are pleased to announce legislation to end sentence discounts for multiple murders and legislation to end the faint hope clause will come into force on December 2nd.

  • Our Government is standing up for victims of crime and their families by making sure that criminals receive sentences that reflect the severity of their crimes

  • Our Government will continue our efforts to pass important legislation to toughen our laws and make our streets and communities safer.

It's worth noting that the anonymous drafter of today's dispatch goes farther than any of his -- or, theoretically, her -- similarly anonymous predecessors in identifying the precise point in time at which Canada's criminal justice system began its slow descent into criminal-coddling torpor: "Over 40 years," apparently, which would, of course, encompass not only various and sundry Liberal governments passim, but also the nine years during which the then-mighty Progressive Conservatives held power.

Among the fresh-aced rookies elected under Brian Mulroney's big blue banner back: one Rob Nicholson, who not only sat in caucus during the InfoAlerte-lamented slide towards lawlessness, but, according to his online bio, spent three years as parliamentary secretary to the justice minister, the very same title under which he would one day announce that his government had reversed that forty-year downward trend -- a trend in which, according to his party's logic, he himself played a role, which may or may not make his current job of undoing the alleged damage done the legislative equivalent of restorative justice. 
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