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Liveblog: AG Nominee Michael Ferguson at Public Accounts

The man who would -- and likely will -- be the Canada's next auditor general goes before Public Accounts this afternoon, which will give the opposition parties their first opportunity to put their previously stated concerns over his reported lack of proficiency in both official languages to Michael Ferguson himself. The outcome of the meeting itself, however, is an all but foregone conclusion: with the government holding the majority of votes, Ferguson's nomination will almost certainly be approved by the end of the day.

Then again, maybe not: According to the latest version of the agenda, which was updated earlier today, Treasury Board parliamentary secretary Andrew Saxton has also given notice that he will be bringing forward a motion before Ferguson takes the stand, which -- depending, of course, on its substance and the likelihood that it will raise hackles on the other side of the table -- could delay, or even postpone, the main event.

In any case, check back at 3:30 pm for full coverage! 

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