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Liberal renewal: looking for an outside fix?

While the NDP leadership race heats up, scant attention has been paid to the Liberal Party and its renewal activities. 

Having changed its constitution in June in order to give it more time to select a leader, the party is heading towards a January policy convention where members will help shape a future platform, choose a new president and officers, as well as improve the party's structure and governance.

Liberals have been invited to go online and vote on the issues they want considered at the convention.  The most popular resolutions will make it through. 

So far, the two top resolutions have nothing to do with policy or party renewal. 

Even after last spring's resounding defeat, the top two resolutions endorse changing Canada's electoral system from first past the post to a preferential voting system.  The priority appears to be -- at least for the dozens who have voted so far -- to fix the system, not the party.

Party renewal takes third place, with an idea so basic that one Liberal remarked online, "I'm saddened that this resolution is required at all": maintaining a current membership list. 

Party members have until November 30 to vote.

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