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The leaders' carbon footprints - the final tally

The results are in. We know who is finishing this campaign on top. CBC is ready to report the final tally of the leaders'... wait for it... carbon emissions.
Honestly! Did you think we would test the wrath of Elections Canada?

The leaders' tours - collectively - have circumnavigated the earth six times! Add up all their tonnage and - in five weeks - the campaigns have generated nearly 158 times more than what an average Canadian household generates in a year. (According to StatsCan, the average Canadian household produces nine metric tonnes of greenhouse gas a year.)

Yikes! Or maybe not so much... all the tours are buying carbon offsets except the Tories.

Here are the numbers:
  • Kilometres travelled by plane, ferry and train (mostly by plane): 131,157
  • Kilometres travelled by bus, mini-van and hybrid car (mostly bus): 21,456
  • Total metric tonnes of GHGs spewed: 1419.
Now that's a lottta gas! Right underneath this you should see a pretty little graph with the numbers broken down by individual party. And for those of you interested in the method behind my calculating madness, check out this blog post from the beginning of the campaign.

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