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Orders of the Day - #Parl41 Countdown -- Three More Sleeps!

With the launch of the 40th parliament just days away, the Hill is alive with the quietly frantic buzz of backroom chatter and last minute pre-session prep work, most of which, alas and of course, will take place behind firmly closed doors.  It just wouldn't do to put the finishing touches on the final draft of a Speech from the Throne in public, would it? Or, for that matter, figure out how Her Majesty's newly installed Official Opposition can respond to said speech in a manner commensurate with their elevated status, or just what, exactly, the similarly newly installed interim Liberal leader can do to ensure that the Third Party isn't entirely forgotten amid the furore. 

Which is why one should avoid drawing any hasty conclusions from the dearth of public events on today's Hill agenda -- there is no shortage of action ongoing in the precinct; the press gallery just didn't make the invite list.

Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jack Layton travels to the flood-drenched region of Monteregie, where he and a trio of his new Quebec MPs will visit a local Red Cross shelter, and meet with local mayors, as well as provincial and municipal safety officials. Depending on how the visit -- or, more accurately, the media coverage thereof -- unfolds, an out-of-town walkabout by the leader could give his doubtless frazzled staff a much-needed opportunity to get stuff done without the boss hanging around the office offering helpful suggestions -- or, alternately, plunge his rapid response team into crisis management mode as they attempt to manage his message from afar. 

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tours the Chrysler casting plant in Etobicoke with Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne; the advisory suggests that those who wish to accompany the minister on the factory floor don "proper attire" -- "long pants, long sleeves and flat, closed toed shoes."

Finally, reporters desperate for a news fix can head over to the newly renovated Ottawa Convention Centre, where the Conservative Party will give reporters a sneak peek of the venue that will host its biennial convention next week -- including, perhaps, the very floor where the battle over various policy and constitutional resolutions will take place.

As usual, keep an eye on the Hill ticker for all the latest news: 

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