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The leaders' carbon footprints UPDATED!

We've updated the leaders' carbon footprints from the last time we did the calculation on April 4.

The big news: Elizabeth May has seen an early 5,000-per-cent increase in the size of her emissions!

She went from 0.1 Tonnes of GHGs emitted to 5. But easy there - before you start assuming the Green Party leader is driving a coal-and-raw-bitumen-fuelled tractor to her campaign events, test assured -- it's nothing quite that insidious.

May took a couple of plane flights: from Vancouver to Toronto, Montreal to Halifax, then back to Toronto and from there to Vancouver again. Up until April 4, May had just been toodling around her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands in her 2007 Prius (oh, and one ferry ride to the mainland).

It just goes to show the polluting power of jet aircraft.

The other federalist leaders are continuing on their merry ways. The only news besides the May-print is that the NDP has overtaken the Conservative Party as the highest carbon emitter.

The Tories now float atop a 185-tonne cloud of GHGs but they are easily engulfed by Jack Layton's 216-tonne carbon dioxide nebula.

Here is our updated greenhouse gas emissions chart:
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