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The leaders' carbon footprints UPDATED AGAIN!

The clouds of greenhouse gases continue to fill the horizon as Canada's federal leaders criss, cross and cavort around the country. Last time around, the big story was Elizabeth May's 5000-per-cent increase in emissions (nothing like a couple of plane trips to up your numbers) and Jack Layton's jump to the lead with the biggest carbon footprint.

Well, the Tories have pretty much settled back to where they were when I wrote my original story on April 4. But in a stunning reversal, the Liberals are now spewing more CO2 than the NDP. The funny thing is... Iggy hasn't travelled as far as Jack. It's just that his plane (a Boeing 737-400) belches louder and longer than Jack's (an Airbus A-319).

Check it out for yourselves, folks! It's on Conklin & DeDekker's aviation carbon calculator (One quick note about this carbon calculator. There is no setting for an A319. It is a shortened version of the A320 but in the same family. So I used that setting).

Here are the new numbers:
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