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Speed Read (March 31, 2011)

Everyone weighs in on the debate debate:

Ignatieff hints at college, university funding for veterans - Les Whittington, Toronto Star

Looming Logjam [re: endless budget/election cycles] - John Ivison, National Post

Ignatieff is running hard, but with both eyes on Harper - Jane Taber, The Globe and Mail

Environmental apathy stunts growth of Greens - Carmen Chai, Postmedia News

NDP eyes small-business vote - Andrew Mayeda, Postmedia News

Tory plan for pooled pensions preferable - Jonathan Chevreau, National Post

Canadian voters warming up to Ignatieff - a little - John Ibbitson & Bill Curry, The Globe and Mail

Harper expected to announce support [Muskrat Falls hydro deal] - James McLeod, The Telegram

  • Fool me once [re: Harper tour visit/Lower Churchill deal] - St. John's Telegram editorial

Defections stun parties - Mark Dunn, QMI

Two scandals hit Tory candidates for Montreal - Graeme Hamilton, National Post

Blame the Bloc - Andrew Potter, Ottawa Citizen

Losers' coalition wouldn't be illegitimate, but unprincipled - Michael Taube, Ottawa Citizen

The real democracy deficit [re: appointing candidates] - Father Raymond deSouza, National Post

Minister [Kenney] defends anti-smuggling ad Tamil group deems 'xenophobic' - Douglas Quan, Postmedia News

Historic cricket match draws Kenney - Richard Zussman, QMI

The digital campaign:

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