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Nothing says 'thank you' like a campaign promise


(Ryan Remiorz, The Canadian Press)

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he has an education plan for Canada's veterans.

Ignatieff let the news slip out at a packed town hall last night in Winnipeg.

"This country has never had what they have in the U.S., which is a GI bill. Do you know? That is, if you come back from service and you've served your country, we help you get an education, we help you get to college and university. Now this is a big deal. This would be something that would mean a lot to veterans. It would be a way of a country saying thank you. That's what we need to say here, thank you."

Today, Ignatieff is focusing on childcare with an announcement at a day care in Winnipeg.

The Liberal leader then heads to southern Ontario.

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