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Calling out @SenatorJake

By all accounts, Stephen Harper's press confebartonberryimage.jpgrence was a feisty one.

I wasn't there, because I'm on the NDP tour this week. But I heard my colleagues pressed the Conservative leader for answers, and asked why they were being prevented from asking more than five questions per press conference.

Fair questions in my opinion, given that Harper's campaign is basically a job interview for the top gig in our country.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw on my Twitter feed this comment from Senator Michael MacDonald:

"Lovely day on Halifax waterfront for PM's trade status. CBC reporters Milewski and Ditchburn were like attack dogs afterward - pathetic!" 

First off, Jennifer Ditchburn used to work for the CBC, but she no longer does. She now works for The Canadian Press.

Terry Milewski is, of course, one of our reporters on the Harper campaign. 

They are both fine and dedicated journalists.

The Senator seems to take issue with both of them doing their jobs: which is to try and get answers and hold leaders to account. It is a critical part of democracy, particularly during an election.

Needless to say, I wasn't the only one to take offence, and call him out.

And now, low and behold, the Senator has decided to apologize. But not to the reporters he called "pathetic."

"@davidakin Mr. Akin- you are correct and I withdraw-I thought I might hear a few questions about NS during the questions - its frustrating."

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