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Suzuki's people have questions for you, Scott Vaughan

Knock, knock, knock... hello! Mr. Scott Vaughan, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development?

Hi! I'm with the David Suzuki Foundation and we're really worried about Endocrine Disrupting Substances. What are those, you ask?

Well, maybe you saw the CBC's story about our report a couple of months back. But in a nutshell, they're chemicals that make plastics soft and they also show up in cosmetics, too. Their effects on the human body are the thing that are really disturbing. They're linked to some kinds of cancers, low sperm counts and baby boys born with deformed private parts.

So, Health Canada's already banned them in children's toys and baby bottles. What we'd like to know is: why they aren't banned in make-up and body creams, too?

Anyway, here's a petition with six questions we'd like answered. We'd love to hear what Health Canada has to say as soon as you can pass it along to them.


Suzuki Foundation Petition

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