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Orders of the Day - A Whole Lotta (Corporate Tax Cut) Love

Ladies and gentlemen of the cabinet table, it's show time! 

As teasered in classic ostensibly leaked memo style earlier this week, the much-anticipated synchronized salute to corporate tax cuts -- which, for the record, the PMO InfoAlerteBot would very much like us all to start referring to as "tax relief for job creators" -- gets underway today as Finance Minister Jim Flaherty kicks off the celebrations with an appearance at AGS Autosystems in Oshawa, with similar events to follow in Summerside (Gail Shea), Dartmouth (Keith Ashfield), Montreal (Christian Paradis), Kitchener (Lisa Raitt), Calgary (Ted Menzies and Jason Kenney) and Vancouver (Stockwell Day).  (Yes, Calgary gets two ministers, and no, I'm not sure why -- nor, for that matter, do I have any good answer as to why there appears to be no public display of affection for the job creators of Saskatchewan or New Brunswick. Or Newfoundland and Labrador and the North, come to think of it.) 

On an almost certainly thematically-related note, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley holds a pre-budget roundtable in Winnipeg, where she'll meet with "small business owners and working families" to discuss "ways to create even more jobs and economic growth." Yes, even more! Is there nothing Canada's Economic Action! Plan can't do? (Also, any bets on what bumper sticker-ready moniker will be foisted on the upcoming budget, what with the now iconic CEA!P brand rapidly approaching mandatory retirement?)

Meanwhile, back in the precinct, NDP Leader Jack Layton is set to deliver what will almost certainly be an impassioned indictment of the Senate at a keynote speech later this morning, and Michael Ignatieff scrums with reporters after the Liberal winter caucus wraps up at noon. If he's smart, he'll start by handing out copies of the rental agreement for the plane that party officials have apparently assured MPs has already been secured. A photo or two  -- datestamped, with recognizable Liberal staffers in the shot for scale -- wouldn't be a bad idea either. 

Finally, Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page is among the panelists scheduled to take part in a Canada 2020-hosted public debate on the upcoming federal budget at the Chateau Laurier later this morning.  

 For up to the minute dispatches from the precinct and beyond, keep your eye on the Parliament Hill Ticker below -- or, alternatively, bookmark it and check back throughout the day. 

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