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UPDATED - CPCAdWatch: Well, that was a quick spin through the rotation ...

As those who dutifully follow the Parliament Hill Ticker and/or twitterverse conversations are almost certainly already aware, it appears that those instantly legendary Conservative attack ads -- you know, the ones that were unveiled to near universal disbelief and derision just yesterday afternoon -- were pulled from the party's site -- and its official Youtube channel -- at some point over the last few hours. 

Whether the somewhat abrupt -- and unannounced -- disappearance was due to a technical glitch, a tacit admission of dubious judgment on the part of whoever signed off on them in the first place, or the conclusion of a successful pranking of the entire earned media-providing establishment is still unknown, but we've sent a query to Conservative Party communications director Fred DeLorey -- who was, of course, last heard from last night, still insisting that the ads in question were "accurate and fair." 

Just as soon as he gets back to us with an answer, I'll let you know what he has to say -- even if it's just to decline to comment on operational matters. 

UPDATE: Well, various senior Conservatives seem to be maintaining, albeit under cloak of anonymity, that there was never a media ad buy planned, and are even suggesting it was always meant to be a one-day wonder, although really, how can they possibly prove that? 
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