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This weekend on the House

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi was in town. Maybe you've heard of her: Speaker of the US House of Representatives, third-in-line to throne, er, Presidency. Well, if you were a Canadian journalist you barely would have noticed. She never bothered to talk to us. Fortunately, she did meet with some environmentalists and Premiers about the oil sands. We're talking with the Alberta invite, Ed Stelmach. And yes... he confirms that Ms. Pelosi was actually. He's also got a few choice words about federal government funding of hockey arenas.

You know politics is all about communicating. And Parliamentary reporter James Fitz-Morris has a quite a story for us about a new type of political communications. The Aussies call it dog-whistle politics. And the coded sounds have made it up here to Canada.

Quebec's politicians appear to be the country's most fearless. How else do you explain their desire to hold public hearings on the right to die with dignity? University of Manitoba ethicist Arthur Schafer joins Kathleen to discuss what it would take for our MPs to undertake a similar public conversation.

And finally, some of our Ontario listeners may remember Janet Ecker as the provincial minister of Education in Mike Harris' Progressive Conservative Government. These days, though, she's running the Toronto Financial Services Alliance. She's dropping by our Front Street studios to tell us about something called the Global Risk Institute... Canada's answer to the question: How do we avoid another global financial meltdown?
That's the show... hope you like it!
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