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This Weekend on the House

Now, don't the NDP find themselves with their backs to the wall... facing off against members of their own caucus. It's not a pretty fight this gun registry donnybrook. The Liberals love it. The Conservatives are having all kinds of fun. And Jack Layton... well... he probably wishes he was back on holiday. Still they are putting up a brave front. Nova Scotia NDP MP Peter Stoffer has always been against the gun registry and he isn't changing his mind now. But that doesn't mean he will shoot his leader down in cold blood. Peter and Jack join guest-host Alison Crawford to discuss their differences.

So, in case you haven't noticed, the RCMP is going through a little bit of an identity crisis. Are we a para-military force or are we a police force? One of the symptoms is how the Commissioner and his associates deal with labour disputes. For the last three decades, they've paid Staff Relations Representatives to bring them the complaints and concerns of the rank and file. Well that's all about to change. An Ontario Superior Court ruling found the Staff Relations Respresentative Program (SRRP) unconstitutional and the federal government was forced to introduce Bill C-43: the RCMP Labour Relations Modernization Act. The RCMP Corporal behind the Ontario Superior Court ruling gives us his opinion of the new legislation, as does a member of the National Executive of the SRRP.

Finally, what do you do after you leave federal politics? Well, we've got three former MPs, from the three federalist parties, who are now running for mayor of their respective towns.
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