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This week on 'The House'

The guns are still blazing at Camp NDP, and it's starting to sound like the MPs with registered guns are going to win. And that is killing folks back in the ridings.

Kathleen talks with Maurice Grinstead, the president of the NDP's Thunder Bay-Superior North electoral district association.

And then there's Charlie Angus. The NDP MP for Timmins-James Bay switched his vote a couple of weeks ago and he ties himself into a few knots trying to explain his turn.

Parliamentary Reporter Louise Elliott drops by with a look at the unfinished business left over from the last sitting. There's plenty of it. And there's a bit of new stuff to come ... but not much.

One thing that's there for sure is a motion from Conservative MP Michael Chong to tidy up question period. We'll hear about that from him.

There's lots more... so tune in. Hope you like it!
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