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Liberals take 'Open Mike,' gun registry message to Outremont

UPDATE: The date of the Outremont town hall is being changed over a scheduling conflict. New date to be announced soon.


The Liberals are holding their first Ignatieff town hall "Open Mike" series next week, the day after the vote on the gun registry.

It's being held in Montreal's Outremont on Sept. 23. That's Thursday, time and location TBA.

They see it as a grand opportunity to stick it to NDP MP Thomas Mulcair, who they say is "bleeding"  over the gun registry issue.

Outremont, which includes L' École Polytechnique, is Mulcair's riding. Although he has said he will vote to keep the registry, with some suggested changes, the Liberals believe he could be victim to the fallout from his party's indecision on the gun registry issue.

However, the Liberals admit that they will probably lose the upcoming vote on the long gun registry on Sept. 22 by a couple of votes. So, they're looking at their town hall events as a chance to win some votes from the public.

The Outremont event will be the first of the much-touted series of town halls the Liberals will hold over the next few months to keep their leader in the public eye and to continue his cross Canada get-to-know-you tour.
Meanwhile, the GUN REGISTRY TOUR is happening this week with Liberal MP Mark Holland and the women's caucus touring major cities across the country.
1. Monday Sept. 13, HALIFAX
2. Tuesday Sept. 14, QUEBEC CITY
3. Wednesday Sept. 15, TORONTO
4. Thursday Sept. 16, WINNIPEG
5. Friday Sept. 17, VANCOUVER
Winnipeg is a big one for the Liberals, who see it as a chance to score points against the NDP in the west and to rally support for their Liberal candidate who is running for NDP Judy Wasylycia- Leis's seat in a by-election there.
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