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The vanishing observations of Patrick Brown, MP

Local MPs like to give interviews to their local newspapers in a bid to get some local (and generally fairly positive) attention.

Such was undoubtedly the goal behind the Simcoe News's story about Barrie Conservative MP Patrick Brown.

The article outlined how Brown is just 32 and has been in politics (municipal and otherwise) for 10 years. He jogs a lot. Once a week with Treasury Board President Stockwell Day.

And well if you read the early version of the article this morning, he's got some clear ideas about his boss.

This is what the article said this morning:

"At first, one of his weaknesses was his inability to show who he was. Brian Mulroney could give a great speech. He was telegenic. Harper has shied away from the media attention, " said Brown.

"The longer he is in office, the more he will ease into his own skin. Anyone who has been to 24 Sussex Dr. knows he is affectionate with his kids and he's a hockey addict like the rest of us. You see it when he's coaching his son, Ben."

But, and it's a big one, that version of the online story no longer exists. All comments about the prime minister have disappeared.

So I emailed the paper to ask why the sudden change. Matthew Talbot, the paper's new editor, says it was their mistake. Below is the email:

That was an unfortunate error.

Brown called us today to say that wasn't what he said in the interview/wasn't a representation of his thoughts on the PM.

Sorry for the confusion.

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