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Orders of the Canada Day: Liveblogging the festivities on Parliament Hill

You know, I wasn't actually planning on liveblogging anything today -- having attempted, once before, to do so during the noonday show, and ending up huddled in an alcove in front of Langevin Block, frantically craning my neck for a fleeting glimpse of the stage -- but it seems that Library and Archives Canada totally has my number. 

Depending on how effectively I can wriggle my way through the monarch-gawking maw on the Hill proper, full coverage of the 1982 proclamation viewing party on Wellington should get started around noon. Check back for full coverage! 

(That is, unless you're planning to spend your Canada Day doing something slightly less geeky than vicariously marveling over historic documents, in which case you can catch it all on the replay.) 

 Have a very Canadian day, everybody! 

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