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G8/G20 Countdown - The official Integrated Security Unit Infrequently Asked (And As Yet Unanswered) Question List!

Found on the ISU website, while in the midst of a last minute burst of G8/20 logistical brainjamming before my descent into the post-apocalyptic labyrinth previously known as downtown Toronto, and posted without comment, because -- honestly, it leaves me at a temporary loss for words. 

Well, except for this: What makes this particular dubious misadventure in proactive messaging is the almost surreal matching of the most conspiracy theory-laced questions questions with the least reassuring answers possible. It's like the opposite of debunking. I'm actually more apprehensive at the prospect of sinister submarines operated by foreign states idling by the idyllic Muskokan shoreline now than I was before the record was ostensibly set straight. Well done, ISU!: 

Q- Is the international media staying at Pearson Airport?

A: There will be a Media Centre, foreseen to be at the Direct Energy Centre, which will accommodate media working needs.  Accommodations will be the responsibility of the media.

Q - It has been asked if individual residents have been provided with funds to upgrade a landing strip for the military and/ or leaders?

A. To date no funds have been paid from the ISU.  Over next few months the logistical requirements for the summit will be known and any contracts tendered will be in compliance with the Government of Canada regulations and policies.

Q- It was asked if any summit leaders will be positioning their submarine in area waters, and if destroyers would be stationed in Lake of Bays.

A: We cannot talk about specific security issues but appropriate and reasonable security measures will be taken and that includes the establishment of marine restriction zones, the extent of which has not been determined yet.  However, the event is several months away and the Integrated Security Unit will be in charge of all security measures for the summit.

Q - It was asked if Barack Obama will be flown back to the United States each night after Summit meetings.

A: We cannot talk about specific security measures for any of the leaders.  The Summit Management Office will be planning for the accommodations and transportation needs of all the leaders and their delegations.

Q- There have been a lot of marijuana busts recently, is it because there are satellites picking up the infrared heat from the grow ops?

A: Annually in September police services throughout Ontario are partners in a marijuana eradication program called Project Shabot.  This program targets marijuana grow operations throughout Ontario.  These recent seizures are not the result of any ISU actions.

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