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UPDATED - G8/20 Countdown: Hello, world!

Care to experience a little Canada? You don't even have to leave your desk, thanks to the official G8/20 portal -- a co-venture between the various federal, provincial and local governments involved in this week's double-header summitacular. 

Although the domain name is, perhaps, a wee bit open to gentle mockery -- somehow, "Welcome World Media" seems perilously close to crossing the line from helpful to trying way too hard to wow the out-of-towners -- the site itself bills itself as a "one-stop shop for links to rights-free b-roll, HD video, images, and story ideas" for "destination coverage." It also promises a virtual tour of the now world-famous Experience Canada corridor, in all its fake-lake-hosting magnificence, although at the moment, it's still listed as "coming soon".

So, will this be enough to wipe the cynical sneer off the faces of all those globetrotting reporters heading to Toronto for this week's festivities? We'll find out later this week. 

UPDATE: As I mused on twitter a few minutes ago, would it be too much to ask for the official destination journalism portal for Canada's G8/20 moment in the international spotlight be physically hosted in Canada? Seriously, it's not like we don't have servers up here. (I do like the fact that the French version of the site welcomes all media, including, presumably, Canadians.)  

CANOEING ON CUE APPARENTLY MORE STRESSFUL THAN YOU'D THINK: Courtesy of Commenter AmherstVW, this bit of rights-free b-roll from Muskoka Tourism offers surprisingly candid commentary from an unidentified production crew attempting to simulate the simple serenity of an afternoon paddle by the shore. 
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