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Allo? Allo? Searching for a signal at the 'hooked in' Lib thinkfest

The Liberal conference in Montreal is being promoted as fully hooked in with social media.

More than 2,000 people have signed up to listen to the proceedings by webcam across the country and there's a bank of a dozen people on one side of the room dedicated to taking questions and posting the proceedings on Facebook and Twitter. 

But for all these efforts, there's really nothing they can do about the fact the Hyatt Regency hotel that's hosting the event is a concrete bunker.

Reporters like me find themselves outside the conference area hanging over the balcony in the attached shopping mall trying desperately to tweet or make a phone call.

And it doesn't help there's a Chinese orchestra playing loudly in the mall below.

To quote one of our CBC cameramen: "They poured a lot of concrete in the 1970s."

It seems most of it was right here in Montreal.
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