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PM Harper, Trudeau hit the road in rural Ontario

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As the House of Commons returns to regular parliamentary business following Wednesday's address by Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Stephen Harper pays a visit to the Forty Creek Distillery in Grimsby, where he's scheduled to take part in a roundtable chat hosted by Public Works Minister Diane Finley and local MP Dean Allison.

Later this evening, he'll make an appearance at a "Members' Event" at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope.

Also hitting the road in rural Ontario: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who is slated to attend the International Plowing Match in Thornton.

Back on the Hill, meanwhile, MPs will continue working their way through the legislative to-do list, starting with a Senate-initiated proposal to revamp the coastal fisheries conservation regime, which is set to begin second reading debate this morning.

Later today, the Chamber will turn its attention to the government's bid to "safeguard Canada's seas and skies" with more stringent security requirements and restrictions.

This evening, Conservative MP Michael Chong will get one last chance to sell his colleagues on his pitch to rebalance the power dynamic between MPs and party leaders.

Now that he's secured the official support of the prime minister -- and, by extension, the Conservative caucus -- by pledging to water down the once controversial bill still further, however, he has virtually guaranteed to sail through a second reading vote next week, which has all but eliminated any sense of suspense. 

Hours before that pro forma House debate is set to begin, Independent MP Brent Rathgeber holds a breakfast-hour launch for his new book, 'Irresponsible Government.'

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

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Yesterday we asked: Do you think Canada's aid to Ukraine should:

- Increase 1960 votes (57%)
- Stay the same: 53 votes (2%)
- Decrease: 1431 votes (41%)
- Not sure: 20 votes (1%)

Ukraine President Poroshenko to deliver House address

Tags: blackberry jungle, orders of the day

Parliament Hill rolls out the red carpet for visiting Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, who is scheduled to deliver a mid-afternoon speech to MPs, senators and other dignitaries in the House of Commons Chamber, followed by an address to the anticipated crowd of Ukraine supporters at a Euromaidan Ottawa-organized welcome rally on the parliamentary lawn.

Before that gets underway, however, Poroshenko will be whisked away to a private meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and later this evening, he'll meet with Governor General David Johnston at Rideau Hall.

Also on the visiting VIP circuit today: Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, who will spend much of the day at Rideau Hall, talking "research, trade and innovation" with Johnston and other invited guests, and eventually planting a ceremonial tree on the grounds.   

Back on the Hill, despite the Commons being shuttered for Poroshenko's visit, the parties are set to hold their regular Wednesday morning caucus confabs.

Before New Democrats retreat behind closed doors to talk strategy, however, party leader Tom Mulcair will join long-time New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer as he makes an otherwise unspecified announcement on his political future.  

Later this morning, the Parliamentary Budget Office will release a new report on the potential cost of imposing toll costs on the replacement for the Champlain Bridge.

Finally, the Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee reconvenes to hear from a final round of witnesses before wrapping up its 'pre-study' of the government's proposed prostitution bill rewrite.

On the speaking list today: Bedford lawyer Alan Young, who headed up the case that ultimately resulted in Supreme Court striking down the current laws, Canadian Police Association president Tom Stamatakis, and lawyer Georgialee Lang.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

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We asked you yesterday, do you think the Ebola virus will come to Canada? Here are the results:

Yes          343   (77%)
No             77   (17%)
Not sure     27     (6%)

NDP pitch to reinstate federal minimum wage to headline House agenda

Tags: blackberry jungle, orders of the day

As the second day of the fall sitting begins, MPs are set to spend much of the day debating the pros and cons of the New Democratic Party's proposal to reinstate the federal minimum wage, courtesy of a strategically-timed Opposition Day motion that will highlight NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's pledge to do just that.  

The full text of the motion, which will stand in the name of NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice:

That, in the opinion of the House, the government should reinstate the federal minimum wage and increase it incrementally to $15 per hour over five years.

Later tonight, the House of Commons will turn its attention to international matters during a special after-hours discussion on the ongoing turmoil in Iraq -- and particularly, if not exclusively, Canada's role in the conflict, including the recently deployed team of senior military strategists.

The emergency debate was requested by Liberal MP Marc Garneau, who spent several days in Iraq earlier this month, alongside Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and his New Democrat colleague Paul Dewar.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Tags: Ballot box, power and politics

Yesterday we asked: How much influence will the 2015 federal election have on MPs this fall?
- A lot: 760 votes (95%)
- Some: 12 votes  (1%)
- Not a lot: 27 votes (3%)
- Not sure: 3 votes (0%)

After three month hiatus, House of Commons reopens for business

Tags: blackberry jungle, orders of the day

After a three month summer hiatus, the House of Commons is set to reopen for regular parliamentary business later this morning

The first item on the government's legislative agenda:  Treasury Board President Tony Clement's bid to cut down red tape.

Second reading debate on the bill is scheduled to resume at noon, after Conservative MP Mark Adler gets a final hour to persuade his colleagues of the need to pass his private members' bill to crack down on partisan leanings amongst parliamentary officers.

Before that gets underway, however, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will kick off the fall sitting with a mid-morning speech at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Meanwhile, the New Democrats have convened a noon-hour press conference to reveal what motion the party intends to put forward for the consideration of the House during the inaugural autumn opposition day, which will take place later this week.

According to the Notice Paper, the party filed two potential motions last week.

The first, standing in the name of NDP MP Libby Davies,  implores the government to "cancel its unilateral cuts to the Canadian Health Transfer."

The second, which is slated to be introduced by Alexandre Boulerice, calls for the reinstatement of the federal minimum wage, which was, of course, the subject of a major policy announcement by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair over the weekend.

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Power & Politics' Ballot Box question

Tags: ballot box, power & politics

Friday we asked: Do you think Doug Ford can win the Toronto mayor's job?

- Yes: 968 votes (52%)
- No: 878 votes (47%)
- Not sure: 17 votes (1%)

PM Harper, Justin Trudeau in Toronto for Aga Khan Museum opening

Tags: blackberry jungle, orders of the day

Fresh off last night's appearance at the United for Ukraine gala, Prime Minister Stephen Harper spends a second day in the Greater Toronto Area, where he'll team up with His Highness the Aga Khan to celebrate the official opening of the Ismaili Centre and Aga Khan Museum.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is also scheduled to attend the opening ceremonies for the new museum, after which he'll make his way to Markham to kick off the Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) annual general meeting.

Elsewhere on the opposition front, New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair treks from Edmonton to Brooks, where he's slated to give a "presentation on politics" to middle grade students at Ecole du Ruisseau. 

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