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Reviewing our commenting policy

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hi-comments-red-thumb-220x123-309682.jpgCBC has heard from a number of Canadians concerned about our commenting space, the use of pseudonyms, and some audience submissions that violated our guidelines around hate speech, particularly with respect to the francophone community in New Brunswick.

Uncivil dialogue: Commenting and stories about indigenous people

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Today we made the difficult decision to temporarily close comments on stories about indigenous people. We hope to reopen them in mid-January after we've had some time to review how these comments are moderated and to provide more detailed guidance to our moderators.I want to explain our rationale for taking this unusual step.

Fairness and balance drive election coverage

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Duceppe, Harper, May, Mulcair and TrudeauCBC News, our approach to election campaigns the past few years has included paying special attention to voter engagement.

It's not our job to push Canadians toward one position or another. We want only to inform Canadians so they can draw their own conclusions

Protecting Journalistic Content

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Today, CBC/Radio-Canada asked Facebook and YouTube to take down a political ad that not only uses CBC's news footage but also re-edits it. When a TV clip of an interview of a party leader, shows up in another party's advertising edited in a way that shifts the context of the facts, this may cause viewer confusion and even suspicion about our journalism, and the intentions of journalists. It can damage our credibility, independence and integrity as neutral participants.

Responding to a Journalistic Menace

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Broadcast journalists face an array of professional challenges on the job.  From nailing down facts to coping with unforeseen circumstances and deadline pressures. Mostly these things are all in a day's work for CBC's well-trained staff.  But finding yourself the target of deliberate, public, sexist verbal assaults while doing your job is a menace few journalists imagine having to face. How to respond? 

Why We Didn't Bleep the N-Word

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As journalists we generally avoid using ethnic and racial slurs, labels used to belittle, shame and deride "other people". One such word, a slur against black people, would be described in TV and radio reports as "the n-word" and online as n----r. An exceptional occasion arose this week when U.S. President Barack Obama used that word in full. Here is why we decided to do so too.

#YouKnowHerName - Behind the legal fight to name Rehtaeh Parsons

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rehtaeh_parsons3-small.jpgMedia lawyers help journalists do their jobs responsibly, and they contribute to the democratic process by pressing the legal system to be transparent. One of the more interesting court battles of late was over a publication ban in a high-profile court case in Nova Scotia. CBC lawyer Anne Ko tells us how CBC and other media organizations worked together so we could tell the audience about what really happened to Rehtaeh Parsons.

BACKSTORY 2014: Behind the biggest news events of the year

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Malaysian Airlines. Vladimir Putin. Ebola. Sochi. Rob Ford. Nathan Cirillo. Names and stories behind the biggest news events of 2014. Every news story is inherently dramatic, and this year's presented some notable journalistic challenges. CBC correspondents are sharing those challenges with you in a series of segments and specials we're calling BACKSTORY 2014.

How to expose a privacy breach - responsibly

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Privacy breach-small.jpgFor months our Parliamentary Bureau has been doggedly investigating Canada Revenue Agency's pursuit of charities. But when the Agency accidentally provided sensitive tax information about some of Canada's best known artists and political figures, we were faced with a question. Should we name those whose privacy had been breached?

When is a 'war' not a war?

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cf-18-small.jpgAs Canada prepares to send fighter aircraft and support staff to Iraq to join in the fight against the Islamic State, journalists are debating what words to use when describing what Canada is going to be involved in. Is it simply "airstrikes"? A "combat mission"? Or should we refer to it as a "war"? This is the sort of issue that arises all the time in a newsroom. The words we choose matter. But those choices are often quite contentious, because the world is full of conflicts and contradictions.