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The Next Phase of Commenting at CBC

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laptop-small.jpgIn March, the CBC announced it would phase out the use of pseudonyms in comments on our various websites across English and French services. There's another important change coming June 13th: we will reset our online communities across, including the CBC News site. Moving forward, all community members will be asked to use real names when commenting on our pages.

Reviewing our commenting policy

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hi-comments-red-thumb-220x123-309682.jpgCBC has heard from a number of Canadians concerned about our commenting space, the use of pseudonyms, and some audience submissions that violated our guidelines around hate speech, particularly with respect to the francophone community in New Brunswick.

Uncivil dialogue: Commenting and stories about indigenous people

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Today we made the difficult decision to temporarily close comments on stories about indigenous people. We hope to reopen them in mid-January after we've had some time to review how these comments are moderated and to provide more detailed guidance to our moderators.I want to explain our rationale for taking this unusual step.

Peter Mansbridge, Hall of Famer

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Mansbridge-small.jpgOur Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge wasn't on the set as host of The National last night. Instead he was a few blocks away, being inducted into the Canadian News Hall of Fame. At last night's event, he gave a speech showcasing many of the attributes that his colleagues appreciate every day. But the heart of his remarks were about the future of the CBC.

Responding to a Journalistic Menace

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Broadcast journalists face an array of professional challenges on the job.  From nailing down facts to coping with unforeseen circumstances and deadline pressures. Mostly these things are all in a day's work for CBC's well-trained staff.  But finding yourself the target of deliberate, public, sexist verbal assaults while doing your job is a menace few journalists imagine having to face. How to respond? 

Holding Power to Account

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Wpg wide shot-small2.jpgMore than 320 people from 15 countries packed into a conference on investigative journalism in Winnipeg and heard a consistent message: holding powerful interests to account is essential to democracy. The opening tone was set by Peter Mansbridge who said that even in tough economic times, news organizations must continue to invest in serious reporting and investigative journalism.

Diary of a Chase Producer

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Kim Taylor Gallway-small.jpgThey call what I do "chase producing". When a story breaks, it's my job to get a guest to air to talk about it. Chasing people on the fly is an adrenaline rush that can be demanding and often times, frustrating. An eloquent guest can bring light to an important but technical story. A guest who speaks from the heart becomes an unforgettable face to a story of victory - or all too often, tragedy.

Moncton and the Media

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moncton -manhunt 2-20140606 - small.jpgA tragic event like the Moncton shooting and murder of RCMP officers galvanizes the national attention and touches all human hearts. It's also a time for journalists to take great care, right from the outset.  Journalism is often, quite properly, a race to break news first. But at CBC News we believe that the families of crime victims should hear the news from family, clergy or officials, not from the media.

Winner of Aboriginal Journalism Fellowship announced

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chantelle_bellrichard_headshot-small.jpgLast December, CBC News made an upgrade to the way we cover First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit issues when we launched Now, we've partnered with the Canadian Journalism Foundation for the inaugural CJF Aboriginal Journalism Fellowship. The first winner has been announced, and her name is Chantelle Bellrichard.

Speaking of Speeches...

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mansbridge - small.jpgI give about 20 speeches a year. They happen in different communities across the country. All in response to requests from various organizations, associations, fundraising groups, towns and cities. I enjoy doing them, and those in attendance usually say they enjoy hearing them. I wish I could do more, but my time and my primary responsibilities force me to say "no" to at least as many as I say "yes" to.