Digging for Data on Pipelines

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pipeline-small.pngGathering the news usually means a lot of hard work - developing contacts, researching precedents, asking the right questions at the right moment. At CBC News we are blessed to have some top-of-class "data journalists" renowned for their ability to analyze complex numbers and patterns. This week, they helped us better understand the safety record of the labyrinth of oil and gas pipelines that criss-cross Canada.

Cautious Coverage, Curious Criticism

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Nfld sex trade-small.pngAt CBC News, it's a given: we're the public broadcaster, and constructive criticism is part of life. That's part of our contract with Canadians--always to be open and responsive to the feedback we get, positive and negative alike. But sometimes, it's hard to know what to make of a reaction. Right now, for instance, CBC News in Newfoundland and Labrador is taking flak from the province and the police, and the reasoning behind it has us puzzled.

Open House at CBC Saskatoon

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Who knew so many people in Saskatoon get up so early?

At the Open House CBC Saskatchewan held Thursday morning to celebrate the on-air launch of Saskatoon Morning, the first 50 free coffee mugs were gone by 6:20 a.m. And then it got busy. 

Recent rulings by the CBC Ombudsman

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Time to check in on some recent reviews by the CBC Ombudsman. They're interesting issues: one looks at how we cover a breaking story about the trial of George Zimmerman (left), and the other looks at how we put together Canada's most-watched political panel.  

Our CSEC exclusive: the story behind the story

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CSEC-small.pngThe reporter-producer duo of Greg Weston and Valerie Boyer had been researching, interviewing and preparing stories on the super-secret Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) for weeks. When their tracking landed them the first-ever interview with John Adams, the recently retired military man who headed CSEC, they were intrepid enough to squeeze news out of him. Great start.

Behind the scenes at Nova Scotia Votes 2013

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NS election-small.pngNova Scotians are heading to the polls today. But it's after the polls close that the real excitement starts at the CBC as we report on the ridings and the trends, and project which party will form the next government. CBC Nova Scotia has been planning for this night for weeks. Here's a peak behind  the scenes.