A few Comments on Commenting

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SI-Comments2-iStock-220.jpgAt CBC News, we have the largest commenting community of any news provider in Canada, and receive more than 300,000 comments every month. When there's a big news story happening, we can get more than 1,000 comments an hour. That isn't to say all of those comments appear on our website. We believe in free speech, but we also want our forums to be places where thoughtful people can have a good conversation.

Keeping our Journalists Safe

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Protecting-Mansbridge-small.jpgA few weeks ago, two CBC journalists were taken into custody by Turkish police. What followed were several nerve-wracking hours for all of us until they were released, unharmed, later that evening. What happened to Derek Stoffel and Sasa Petricic isn't an everyday occurrence but they weren't unprepared for it. We have formalized our procedures for protecting the health and safety of our journalists in the field.

Anonymous sources and news credibility

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IMG_0381-anonymity-small2.jpgMany of our listeners and viewers bristle at the use of anonymous sources in our reporting. In fact, we wish we never had to. Public opinion research shows that their use - and over-use - affects the credibility of journalism, and this issue is a significant and ongoing one for everyone engaged in journalism. But we have to withhold the identity of sources on occasion, especially because of our role as a public broadcaster.

Opinion vs. Analysis

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Journalism would be pretty dull, and ultimately meaningless, if there were no context. And CBC's programming wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it didn't contain analysis. Reporting is not just about reciting facts. Knowing that something happened is only part of the story. Knowing why it happened and what factors contributed to its happening is really what adds meaning to reporting.