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Jennifer McGuire

General Manager and Editor in Chief

Celebrating Peter Mansbridge's 25 years hosting The National

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Below is a transcript of the comments made by Jennifer McGuire, General Manager and Editor in Chief, CBC News and Centres, at a celebration of Peter Mansbridge's 25 years hosting The National.


Peter Mansbridge started hosting The National when I first started at the CBC, 25 years ago. It's a phenomenal achievement and we've been lucky to have him guiding Canadians through momentous world events.

Two Gulf Wars, Kosovo, Tiananmen Square, The Referendum, The fall of the Berlin Wall, several prime ministers and governor generals. I could go on and on.

He's the most recognized CBC personality in the country. He works unbelievably hard as an ambassador for CBC News and for CBC. Canadians recognize him and trust him. And he always makes time for Canadians.  

Those of us who work with him day to day also get to witness just how incredible he is as a journalist.  This year has been a banner year for CBC News. And there have been many broken stories that would not have happened without Peter digging in, working the phone and his contacts.  Most recently he was integral in uncovering the Canadians connected to the Algeria bombing.

So he is our anchor and our chief correspondent in every sense of the word. The fire for journalism and for public broadcasting burns brightest in Peter. He is passionate and tireless. And serves as an inspiration and a coach to us all.

So today we take a moment to say thank you to Peter.  Thank you for his talent and commitment. Thank you for 40 years of service at the CBC and 25 years anchoring The National. 





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