The story behind the CBC shout-out at the White House Correspondents' Dinner

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Bonner Obama-small.jpgAs told by Susan Bonner, CBC News Washington correspondent.

It is not the kind of shout-out I imagined when I first came to Washington four years ago, but I'll take it. The CBC was recognized at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner for making its broadcast booth available to breastfeeding working moms at the White House.

After the bombs in Boston: a reporter's notebook

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boston common - Apr 20 - small.jpgAs a foreign correspondent for CBC News, David Common is used to being able to travel on a moment's notice to international hotspots from Cairo's Tahrir Square to Haiti, Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan. While it's not far from his base in New York to Boston, Common explains that covering the Boston Marathon bombing and the manhunt posed its own unique set of challenges and surprises.

Importance of Being Investigative

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thermography image.jpg

Our critics often question the need for a public broadcaster when, they say, so many other stations and networks provide the same service. They often don't have a full understanding of all the services CBC provides, from serving minority audiences to prioritizing Canadian content. Breaking news is the price of admission in the news business. But what sets CBC News apart is our investigative journalism.

Half a Century of Investigative Journalism at the CBC

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CBC+THIS+HOUR+HAS+SEVEN+DAY-small.jpgCecil Rosner, our Managing Editor in Manitoba, is one of the leading investigative journalists in Canada. As a follow-up to our previous post about the Importance of Being Investigative, we asked Cecil to dig deeper and highlight some of the ways journalism shaped the discussion in this country. Cecil is also the author of Behind the Headlines: A History of Investigative Journalism in Canada.

"Journalists aren't government investigators": CAJ

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stash cash - small.jpgWe received support this week from the Canadian Association of Journalists in our bid to protect our sources in the "tax havens" story. The CAJ is one of this country's premier organizations with a special interest in investigative journalism.

Avoiding duplication: How we assign for multiple platforms

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IMG_0408 Toronto Assignment - Small.jpgWhen I started working at the Ottawa morning radio show in the late 1980's, our program was engaged in a heated rivalry with another news operation, our very own CBC Ottawa Radio Newsroom, located right across the hall. We would each follow our own agendas, look for the best stories, and never tell each other what we were up to. That's not the way we do business at CBC News today. Here's how we reduce duplication and cover more stories.

Comments about our Papal coverage

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li-620-pope-francis-cp04134-small.jpgCBC's journalistic policy acknowledges that balance does not necessarily mean some sort of mathematical equivalency. Balance does not, for instance, mean that every story about Catholics must be immediately juxtaposed with equally strong stories about Baptists, Jews, Anglicans, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists and so on.

You be the judge: How we compiled the hospital ratings

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si-files-doc-istock9438669-220.jpgCBC News' "Rate My Hospital" project is getting a great deal of national attention, and for good reason: it's the first comprehensive compilation of data about Canadian hospitals, organized in a way that allows patients and families to see how well their hospitals are performing on a wide range of metrics. There have been some criticisms, most notably from the Ontario Hospital Association, which suggested that our data wasn't gathered properly and couldn't be trusted.
You be the judge. Here's how it was done. 

Request to remove content from our website: the issues involved

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In the latest review, the Ombudsman responded to a request from the family of a man recovering from mental illness to remove articles about him from our website. The review found that "as difficult as it sometimes is, CBC management made the right decision to leave a story online when asked to remove it". Learn more about this decision.

An invitation to rate your hospital

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si-hospital-rankings-220.jpgOne of our most important responsibilities as Canada's public broadcaster is to deliver original journalism that provides a genuine public service. Our CBC News series Rate My Hospital is an excellent example of how we meet that responsibility, delivering original journalism on a topic that means a great deal to all Canadians.