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In honour of Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday, and his new record Popular Problems, we challenge you to choose your favourite cover of the Cohen classic: Hallelujah

Robin Thicke: Riding a wave of ick straight to the top of the charts?

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Last year, Robin Thicke had the song of the summer with the titillating Blurred Lines.This year, he's capitalizing on creepy with his new album Paula, a 14-track confessional seemingly aimed at winning back his estranged wife.

Pearl Jam Let It Go tribute shows hit song's grown-up appeal

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First it was children, but now it's their parents (like rockers Pearl Jam), too. Even adults can't get enough of the Oscar-winning song Let It Go from the Disney animated film Frozen. A myriad of versions have been created and shared online, from parents happily covering the Disney track, a Game of Thrones mash-up to a Lord of the Rings-inspired parody.

Psy and Snoop's satirical Hangover soars online

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Whether you appreciate his over-the-top satirical take on aspects of South Korean culture, enjoy the ridiculousness of his music videos or can't cover your ears fast enough, Psy is back with another earworm racking up the online views. And this time, rap icon Snoop Dogg is along for the ride.
Sure he's a rock 'n' roll icon fronting a band that's sold more than 150 million albums worldwide, but Aerosmith's Steven Tyler can also appreciate the simple things in life -- like the musical buskers of Helsinki.

Neil Young revisits key songs in retro recording-booth album

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Everything old becomes new again: Poloroid cameras, 10-speed bikes, vintage t-shirts and now something called a Voice-O-Graph -- an old-timey recording booth from the 1940s in which Neil Young has recorded a nostalgic, lo-fi album of songs that inspired him.

Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé to tour together

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You might call this one the Mr. and Mrs. Carter Show: hip hop and pop superstars Jay Z and Beyoncé have confirmed wide speculation they'd team up onstage for an upcoming summer tour. But wait! If it seems like these two were just in your neck of the woods recently, that could very well be true.

Pharrell teams with UN to make people Happy

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Just when you thought Pharrell Williams couldn't get any Happy-er, the man behind the hit song has become the face of the 2014 International Day of Happiness, joining with the UN Foundation and people worldwide sharing footage of themselves singing, dancing, playing or doing whatever makes them feel jolly.

Lea Michele unveils Cory Monteith tribute song You're Mine

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Nearly seven months after Canadian actor Cory Monteith's death, the late Glee star's on-and-offscreen girlfriend Lea Michele has unveiled a tribute song in his honour: the upbeat, romantic track You're Mine from her forthcoming solo debut album Louder. petition urges Justin Bieber's deportation

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Poor li'l Justin Bieber: 2014 just doesn't seem to be shaping up any better than his disastrous past year, with a new "We the People" online petition at calling for the troubled singer's ejection from the U.S. and return to Canada.