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Looking back at Don Kirshner and the Brill Building

Categories: Music

The music industry is undoubtedly reeling today, over news that famed music publisher Don Kirshner died yesterday at the age of 76. Though Kirshner made a name for himself first as a jingle-writer, and much later as the host of the TV show Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, he'll be forever linked in my mind to the Brill Building, the New York office space where members of his songwriting stable cranked out chart-topping hits for the most popular acts of the day.

Robert Downey Jr.: Should the actor host next year's Golden Globes?

Categories: Movies, Social Media

Prior to hosting the 68th Golden Globe Awards gala, British comedian Ricky Gervais reportedly said of his second emcee stint, "I guarantee they will not invite me back." I'm guessing Gervais's pointed digs at various celebrities have ensured he's accomplished that goal, which leaves next year's hosting slot wide open for some new blood. Curiously enough, one strong hosting candidate emerged during last night's Golden Globes gala: Robert Downey Jr.

Winona Forever: charting the highs and lows of Winona Ryder's career

Categories: Movies

After a series of oddball teen roles made her a poster child for misfits everywhere, Winona Ryder embarked on an colourful career, complete with Oscar nominations, a tabloid romance and a fall from grace. As rumours of a Winona comeback abound, we look back at her highs and lows.

Notorious B.I.G. murder investigation has new lead

Categories: Music, Social Media

According to a CNN report today, the investigation into the long-unsolved murder of hip-hop star Notorious B.I.G was "reinvigorated" months ago in light of new information.

Bah Humbug: A tribute to bad Christmas movies

Categories: Movies

For every It's a Wonderful Life, there are at least five other Christmas-themed movies that are pretty darned dreadful. From the horrors of Jack Frost to the B-level schlock that is Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, we name our picks for worst holiday movies ever, and ask you to tell us which holiday movies made your heart shrink two sizes too small.

Canadian rappers rock the mic for Christmas

Categories: Music

Earlier this week, the fine folks over at George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight assembled a veritable hall of fame of Canadian rap stars to update a holiday tune that is as funky as it is festive. I'm talking about Christmas Rappin', the infectious hit with the killer baseline that helped propel Harlem, N.Y. rapper Kurtis Blow to major-label stardom back in 1979.

Russell Brand's inspired Tempest improv

Categories: Movies

Notoriously unfiltered British comic, author and scene-stealing actor Russell Brand had a banner year in 2010, culminating with role in Julie Taymor's screen adaptation of The Tempest. Further proof of Brand's all-around genius surfaced on the internet yesterday, in some mesmerizing footage obtained from an early rehearsal for Taymor's film.

Trailer released for I Am Number Four

Categories: Books, Movies

Devotees of the sci-fi genre, Dianna Agron and controversial A Million Little Pieces author James Frey are in a collective tizzy this morning, all thanks to the trailer for the buzzed-about film project, I Am Number Four.

Michael Cera plays bass on Mister Heavenly tour

Categories: Music, Social Media

The hoodie-sporting hipster known as Michael Cera has another impressive title to add to his ever-growing resume: rock musician. According to NME magazine, Cera is currently out on tour with Mister Heavenly, a new SubPop band made up of members from Islands, Man Man and Modest Mouse.

Remembering the creator of Solid Gold

Categories: Television

News this morning of the death of notable Hollywood producer Alfred "Al" Masini, is having a truly unexpected effect on the members of the Arts Online team. Turns out everyone in the office harbours a deep-seated, almost irrationally intense, affection for one of Masini's pet projects as producer. I am referring to Solid Gold, the cheese-tastic music countdown TV show that ruled the airwaves for the better part of the 1980s.