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Pierce Brosnan says he 'was never good enough' at James Bond

Categories: Movies

220-pierce-brosnan-05002021.jpgPierce Brosnan can't watch his own performances as James Bond, he told The Telegraph in an interview on Saturday, saying he was "just never good enough."

Indie cyberpunk adventure game Jazzpunk debuts

Categories: Featured, Gaming

You're a secret agent who must infiltrate the Russian Embassy. You sit down for your mission briefing — right onto a whoopee cushion. The timetable at the embassy includes "Communist plotting," "vodka & biscuits" and a "potato-sack race." This is the strange, unpredictable and visually striking world of Jazzpunk, a cyberpunk comedy adventure game by Toronto-based creators Luis Hernandez and Jess Brouse.

Battling Boy reinvents comic book superheroes for younger readers

Categories: Books

With his latest work, comic book veteran Paul Pope has created a template-smashing new kind of superhero: Battling Boy, a kid (admittedly the offspring of gods) who sets out to protect other kids. "The thing that's attractive about kids as characters is that, if anything, they represent potential," he tells CBC News.

Beyond: Two Souls, starring Ellen Page, blurs line between games and film

Categories: Gaming, Movies

You might be forgiven if you think Beyond: Two Souls is a Hollywood film instead of a video game. The cover features a digital render of actor Ellen Page, who plays the lead character Jodie, while she and co-star Willem Dafoe's names are listed at the top of all promotional materials. But this new release from French studio Quantic Dream blurs the line more and more between filmmaking and video games.

Machinima art series revisits Oka Crisis, moments in native history

Categories: Art & Design, Featured, Gaming, Movies

Military vehicles sit next to a barricade along a stretch of Quebec highway, near disputed land close to the small town of Oka. Tensions are high and violence seems imminent. The scene is familiar, but you're not watching an archival news clip: this is TimeTravellertm, a video art series looking back at key moments in history from a distinctly First Nations perspective.

Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball: what do you make of it?

Categories: Music

si-cyrus-screencap03.jpgWe asked a panel of music industry experts and analysts what they thought of Miley Cyrus's latest (and raciest) music video: Wrecking Ball, which racked up more than 59 million views on YouTube in just a few days.

Ylvis asks, 'What does the fox say?' in surprise viral video hit

Categories: Music

si-the-fox-screencap01.jpgThe Fox, an absurd spoof of summer blockbuster music videos by Norwegian duo Ylvis, has gathered more than 17 million hits after a week on YouTube.

Arcade Fire's Reflektor turns the camera on viewers

Categories: Music

220-arcade-fire-junos-01765498.jpgGrammy Award-winning Canadian band Arcade Fire unveiled their new song in unusual fashion (well, unusual for anyone other than Arcade Fire) on Monday with an interactive video.

Patrick Stewart marries jazz singer Sunny Ozell

Categories: Celebrities

220-patrick-stewart-married-twitter.jpgActor Patrick Stewart and his girlfriend, jazz singer Sunny Ozell, got married over the weekend in a private ceremony officiated by Ian McKellen.

Batwoman writers quit after superhero's wedding 'prohibited'

Categories: Books

220-batwoman-tec-cv855.jpgJ.H. Williams III and W.H. Blackman, co-authors of the Batwoman comic book, announced today that they are leaving the title after citing interference from the DC Comics editorial board.