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Jelena Adzic

Jelena Adzic  Arts reporter, trend tracker and Pinterest devotee.

Emmys Review: It sure felt like a Monday

Categories: Celebrities, Television

The good news is that if you go by the dresses and the speeches, the big show was an incredibly classy event. Unfortunately, that's also the bad news.

It's official: There's no shame in loving TV!

Categories: Television

The Emmy nominations reflect a heightened quality of writing, a growing diversity in roles and a championing of women on the screen, writes Jelena Adzic.

FILM REVIEW: I'm So Excited

Categories: Movies

Jelena Adzic reviews Pedro Almodovar's cinematic romp on a plane. I'm So Excited begins with a cameo by Penelope Cruz, but once she leaves, the film descends into a high camp outing involving a plane full of drug-addled strangers. It's silly season for the usually savvy Spanish director.

Why Edward Snowden's whistle doesn't pierce

Categories: Social Media

Why are we so unconcerned about Edward Snowden's message that governments are listening in on our cellphones and monitoring social media? Has reality TV and celebrity culture inured us to making private moments public? Have we traded away personal privacy for the convenience of Facebook and phone apps?

Considering celebrity endorsements on International Women's Day

Categories: Celebrities

On International Women's Day, it can be hard to keep track of the gains made by the sleeker sex, especially when considering a recent feel-good campaign to champion women's rights, sponsored by a high-end fashion label, says Jelena Adzic.