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Deana Sumanac  CBC News arts reporter, lit lover and music geek.

The fault in our reading habits: is it so bad that adults are fans of YA stories?

Categories: Books, Movies

The gleam of the silver screen has a way of illuminating pop culture trends that have been quietly percolating, like when a bestselling book becomes a blockbuster movie. Take The Fault in Our Stars, aka the teen romance that stole last weekend's box office from Tom Cruise. The movie's opening weekend triumph suggests that those who flocked to it -- like many of those who read John Green's original novel -- could not have all been teens.

Ladder to Damascus filmed amidst Syrian violence

Categories: Movies

si-ladder-to-damascus-tiff.jpgSyrian director Mohamad Malas shows us the reality of war and the irrepressible nature of the human spirit, no matter how grim the circumstances.

Barenaked honesty part of what endears the Ladies to us

Categories: Music

Steven Page's arrest and split from the band could have ended the Barenaked Ladies. It was clearly a painful episode, as members revealed in interviews this week as the band marked its 25th anniversary. The way they met the challenge of becoming a quartet says something about the Ladies' talent for change and their honest relationship with their fans.

Justin Timberlake returns too late, the thrill is gone

Categories: Music

Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience has landed with a hollow thud. Where is the hungry young artist who charmed his way out of NSync and onto the solo stage? He's been replaced by a dude in a suit, who may have nothing to say this time out, but still feels entitled to our attention.

Note to Bieber: take lessons from Bowie and Smith

Categories: Celebrities, Music

It was an infamous week for Justin Bieber. While the pop sensation's camp is staying mum, the overdrive pace he's been keeping likely doesn't help. CBC's Deana Sumanac has some advice for the young Canadian: take some cues from the lengthy and layered careers of ubercool sexagenarian artists David Bowie and Patti Smith.

Artists, human rights and an evening for Amnesty

There is something about artists advocating for human rights that just rings true. Often artists are the first victims of political systems that erode human rights, as in Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union. So when Amnesty International held an event, hosted by CBC's Deana Sumanac, to celebrate International Human Rights Day, Canadian artists stepped up.

You've come a long way, Bond babes. Or have you?

Categories: Movies

With the release of Skyfall, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris join the line of beddable women who have stood by 007's side. Daniel Craig has been welcomed by critics as a James Bond for the modern age. But looking at the beauties who surround him, Deana Sumanac wonders when the Bond girls will evolve along with him.

Welcome to my McCartney years

Categories: Music

The Beatles' debut single Love Me Do was the beginning of the Fab Four's fabulous catalogue....and also the beginning of the age-old argument among fans: who was a bigger creative genius, John or Paul? Deana Sumanac explains the evolution of her own Best Beatle affections.

Nora Ephron: a laugh at life's curveballs

Categories: Celebrities

Few writers had Nora Ephron's lightness of touch when handling life's Big Things: love, loss of love, motherhood, aging, death. Deana Sumanac remembers her interview with Ephron and the sense of humour Ephron brought to the most serious of subjects.

Madonna's cheeky Born This Way poke at Lady Gaga

Categories: Celebrities, Music

Madonna had an "oops" moment during her rehearsal in Israel for an upcoming tour - slipping some lyrics from Born This Way into a performance of Express Yourself. That can't be an accident for this shrewd navigator of pop trends. Could Madge be trying just a little too hard for the spotlight?