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Jedward on the MMVA red carpet

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I tweeted a photo of Irish twins Jedward on the MMVA red carpet in Toronto last night.

Hours later, the retweets haven't stopped, the message loud and clear.

I'm sitting on raw video that must be shared, so without further ado...Jedward!

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A cheerful, identical duo, effectively interviewing themselves, with breathless, amusing enthusiasm.

John and Edward Grimes are just 21, but already have produced three albums. They first became known as Jedward after appearing on U.K. reality TV competition The X Factor.

They've been touring as a group ever since and represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest with Lipstick in 2011 and Waterline in 2012.

The video for Happens in the Dark, a track from their Young Love album, was filmed in Toronto.

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