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Strombo chats up Craig Ferguson

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CBC host George Stroumboulopoulos — who admits his surname is a tough one to spell — is headed for a summer gig hosting a chat show on CNN. He shared his approach to celebrity interviews with late night's Craig Ferguson.

"Having a real conversation with real people — that's what I want" — Strombo told the funnyman.

Called Stroumboulopoulos, the show debuts June 9 and, in his chat with Ferguson, Strombo let slip that he's landed an interview with CNN's former chat maestro Larry King. Incidentally, King revealed today that he's starting a political talk show on the RT America Network, which is broadcast from Russia.

Check out Strombo's appearance, in which he reveals why he often gets mistaken for an intern when first meeting guests and the unresolved issue of whether CNN will let him keep his earring.

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