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FILM REVIEW: My Awkward Sexual Adventure

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Jordan and Rachel are having trouble in the sack. When he tries to get it on, she snores -- and so we have an ultimatum: become a better lover or don't come back.

Thus Jordan, an accountant and the kind of guy who packs everything into neatly labelled zipper bags, is exiled, while Rachel knocks a couple of fantasies off her sexual bucket list. As she gets to know her neighbours, he crashes with a friend, an unapologetic man-whore played with relish by Vik Sahay. Jordan eventually finds himself at a strip club where he meets the proverbial stripper with a heart of gold: Julia, a great dancer and an even better cook. Together, they come up with an arrangement: he'll fix her finances if she becomes his sexual Yoda.

Similar in style to 2007's Young People F--king, My Awkward Sexual Adventure aims to get out of the Canadian movie ghetto with some filthy fun. But where YPF had sharp writing and lively characters, MASA suffers from a serious lack of likeability.

Jonas ChernickJonas Chernick stars as a sad-sack accountant who lacks skills in the bedroom in the comedy My Awkward Sexual Adventure. (Phase 4 Films)

Jonas Chernick, who also wrote the screenplay, plays Jordan as a grown-up Charlie Brown. It's no surprise Rachel wants to leave him: who would want that cloying cuddle-buddy around? Chernick is an amusing character actor you may remember from TV's The Border, but here it takes far too long for Jordan to find his mojo.

Director Sean Garrity, a frequent Chernick collaborator, breaks up the action by splitting MASA into segments. Lesson one: the rub and tug, lesson two: dirty talk, and so on up until the final exam. The music and production design are on the generic side, but the game performance of Emily Hampshire as the stripper Julia manages to inject some life into this lusty story.

If naughty words and dangling members do it for you, My Awkward Sexual Adventure has plenty. What it's missing, however, is real heat. Even Rachel's flings feel pulled out of an Aren't We Naughty store catalog (What was that -- an Alice in Wonderland costume?) Though a couple of the episodes are amusing, the contrived comedy forces Chernick and Hampshire into some heavy lifting.

As accountant and stripper work together, a flirtatious chemistry starts to ferment. But MASA extends the climax to the point where we're begging for a happy ending. Where My Awkward Sexual Adventure gets a few points for bravery in the boudoir, it's missing the real honesty of what happens when we bare ourselves to each other under the sheets.

Stick around during the closing credits and you'll be treated to some bedroom shenanigans between the two leads that feel loose, silly and spontaneous -- exactly what this adventure is lacking.

RATING: 3 out of 5

Jonas Chernick, Emily HampshireIn My Awkward Sexual Adventure, Jonas Chernick and Emily Hampshire play an accountant and a stripper who strike an unusual deal. (Phase 4 Films)

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