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Selena Gomez's misstep on the Bieber file

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Selena Gomez is a savvy actress, in process of stickhandling her career from the land of Disney to the world of grown-up films. Her interview with David Letterman is really a chance to promote her latest movie, Spring Breakers, in which she plays one of four college girls who rob a fast food joint to pay for a spring break in warmer climes. She does an effective job of describing to Letterman her first encounter with James Franco, who stepped onto the set in character as a sleazy pimp.

But she goes off the rails when it comes to talking about her former beau, Justin Bieber. Letterman tells a long-winded story in which he says he made Bieber cry. Selena then quips: "Well then, that makes two of us," and hand-bumps the late night host.

This earned her the everlasting hate of the Beliebers, the legion of fans who follow the teen singer. But it's also a catty comedown, out of character with the classy image she seems to want to cultivate.

Of course, she's 20. And she must be mighty tired of answering questions about the 19-year-old singer, whose stratospheric rise appears to be faltering. But many a showbiz career has taken a detour because of a mismanaged public persona, or poor choice of role. In Spring Breakers, she plays the girl who sees the error of her ways. Let's hope.

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