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Drake gets wild in the street over Grammy win

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Where was Drake when he won his first Grammy on Sunday for best rap album? The Toronto rapper, who recently moved to Los Angeles, won for his moody 2012 album Take Care. He has had 12 Grammy nominations since 2010, including three this year, but this was his first win.

At the moment his name was called, Drake was in the car, watching the pre-ceremony on his iPad.

"And then we just started going nuts. And we got out literally in the middle of the street — blocked cars. We all hugged. And then when I got back in the car I realized I had torn my suit," he said.

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The happy rapper tweeted the mishap. "I just tore the sleeve off my Saint Laurent!!! Thank you all! I am so happy."

Drake was on hand for the live show at the Staples Center, albeit a bit late, as he had to duck into a hotel to get someone to mend his suit. He was among a group who had to wait for a commercial interruption before taking his seat.

Sunday was a big day for Drake, the Degrassi alum who turned rapper in 2010. He released a video for his new song Started From the Bottom last night, the first from his upcoming album, to be titled Nothing Was the Same.

Co-directed by Drizzy and Director X, the video travels from the days of soccer games in Toronto parks to working the night shift at a Shopper's Drugmart to his arrival in L.A. as a world-famous music artist. It's a lot of Canadian content and includes an amusing interlude during which two co-workers try to pick up a woman buying conditioner at the drugstore.

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